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Technical Characteristics of the product 

E & C-House can pre-install the following electric equipments (E) and automatic control devices (C):
_ High-voltage switchgear 
_ Electric transformer  
_ Low-voltage MCC panel 
_ PLC controlling panel
_ Gas-analyzing instrument cabinet
_ Pneumatic tube controlling cabinet
_ Computer operating console

Structural features :

• Enclosure: except the doors and removable walls, the whole welded to ensure the durability and safety for shipping

• Assembly: can be combined in length, depth and up/down direction, to meet with the field space and system integration

• Top: all welded integrated sloping weather-proof cover, height of 130mm, rear equipped with a sink and water pipes

• Frame: according to the different weight and size, adopt corresponding swages which thickness is not less than 4mm

• Wall board: consist of "outer surface with corrugated metal board - mineral wool with tin foil (or rock wool) - inner surface with steel sheet". The thickness of the heat insulation layer is 100mm.While required the wall panels can be combined by removable units for convenience of internal equipments’ installation and maintenance

• Floor: metal plate or fireproof&anti-static compression fiber cement ladle plate, and following with 4~5mm thick steel plate welded on the bottom, assure of fireproof and moisture-proof. Cables can be laid under the floor

• Door&window: between double steel sheets filled with flame retardant insulation material, for window equipped with safety explosion-proof glass, for door with emergency handle and weather-proof canopy, light- control lighting

• Lifting lug: detachable lifting lugs are attached to the bottom frame, which specification and quantity defined according to the size and weight of E&C-House

• Inside decoration: all the decorate materials are fire-resistant

Options :

- HVAC systems: heaters and air conditioners, as well as windows and ventilation devices

- Safety facilities: video surveillance, smoke alarm, emergency lighting or exit indicator, fire extinguisher, first aid med kit

- Protection class: select the manufacturing scheme according to the different condition requirements, such as the fire resistance rating, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance or low temperature resistance, etc

- Insulation layer: the thickness of 120mm and 180mm are optional, and the bottom can also be equipped

- Division: internal partition walls or movable doors can be assembled for functional division

- Outer additional facilities: steel assembled stair&handrail platform, cylinder support and canopy

- Electric additional facilities: Cable tray, busway between MCC cabinets, pressure relief channel outlet for high-voltage SWG, battery mounting rack,etc

- Documents: such as structural calculations, impact/mechanical strength test report, high-voltage SWG test report,e

- Cubicles: All the Low-voltage power distribution panels and  all kinds of control cabinets with high-quality  can be supplied completely by ME company

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