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Power-distribution Switchboard

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The advanced newly low-voltage switchgear system GMC, a product of introduced contemporary manufacturing technology of Europe and designed considering domestic conditions, which reaches international advanced level. The structure of GMC switchgear is of several varieties: fixed-mounted design, fixed-mounted unit design, withdrawable unit design. GMC low-voltage switchboard are suitable for use in all installations where electrical energy is generated, distributed and utilized and wildly used as power centers (PC),motor control center, capacity compensation and etc. in power station,petroleum and chemical industry, factories, office towers and municipal complexes.



The basic structure of cubicle is assembled with C-profiled shaped with mounting holes at 25mm modular interval. Because of flexible and precise assembly they can meet fixed-mounted design, fixed-mounted unit design and withdrawable unit design. Each type can be according the requirments installed against wall of room. The mounting plates, beams and partition plates made from hot zinc-plating sheet. The all side doors and walls are powder coated in textured RAL7032.

Each cubicle can be separated into three compartments:

• Device compartment

• Busbar compartment

• Cable compartment

Electric components are mounted in device compartment; busbar and vertical-busbar are in busbar compartment, in cable compartment connecting elements and accessories (clamps, channel and etc.) between cables and components are located. The separated compartments can reduce the destruction of electrical arc to least degree. Fixed-mounted and withdrawable units can be combined in one cunicle. The height of one modular unit is 200mm.


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