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Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution


Luzhuang Substation

Taishan Substation

Baosteel Substation

Sanlidian substation

Huqiao transformer station

Yangzhou Railway Station

Baise Substation

Xiangyang Substation

Ford substation

Mazda substation

Beitang Substation

Guangzhou Xuntian Substation

Xingping Substation

Xingren Substation

Tianjin Substation

Su causeway substation

Liupanshui Substation

Wuhan Iron and Steel Substation

KIA substation

Jiashan substation

Yiwu substation

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Substation

Macau Lotus Substation

Zhuhai Hengqin Substation

Laos 500kV power transmission and distribution

Laos will sun substation

University of Macau Substation    



Aviation, Machinery & Vehicles


Beijing No.1 machine tool

Beijing No.2 machine tool

Guizhou Xianfeng Machine Tool

Oriental machine tool

Shaanxi qinchuan machine tool

Wuhan heavy-duty machine tool

Jinan heavy-duty machine tool

Taiyuan Heavy Machinery

Hanzhong machine

Diamond Electric Machinery

Hui feng machine


Dongfeng motor

Dongfeng Citroen

Jiangling motors

Sany heavy industry

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co. Ltd

Zhuzhou cemented carbide

Zhuzhou overpass lifting machinery

Jinan No. 2 machine tool

Osram Lighting

Zhanjiang Heineken

Zhuhai MTU Aircraft Engine Repair Factory

Guangdong Flextronics

Wuxi machine numerical control

Coates Group

Suzhou Bruckner



Metallurgical Industry


Wuhan Iron & Steel Corporation

Shanghai baoshan iron and steel company

Ma 'anshan Iron and Steel Company

Kunming Iron and Steel Company

Handan Iron and Steel Company

Hunan Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd

Hunan Xiangtan Iron and Steel Company

Anyang Iron and Steel Company

Anshan Iron and Steel Company

Baotou Iron and Steel Company

Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company

Capital Iron & Steel

Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company

Jinan Iron & Steel Company

Guixi Smelter

Yunnan copper

Gansu Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals

Gansu Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Co

Daye copper

Jinling copper

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company

Shuicheng Iron and Steel Company

Haixin Iron and Steel Co

Rizhao Iron & Steel Company

Shagang group

Guangdong together

Taiwan Ye al



Public Works


Beijing Gaobeidian Sewage Treatment Plant

Tianjin Sewage Treatment Plant

Liaoning Wafangdian Water Treatment Plant

Qingdao municipal drainage pumping station

Qingdao Haibo River Sewage Treatment Plant

Daxing Sewage Treatment Plant

anzhou Qilihe Sewage Treatment Plant

Qingdao Tuancheng Sewage Treatment Plant

Wong Shek Sewage Treatment Works

Suzhou Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant

Jiujiang Sewage Treatment Plant

Henan Chinalco Sewage Treatment Plant

Wuhan Zongguan Waterworks

Wuhan white crane mouth water plant

Wuhan Baishazhou Water Works

Wuhan Yujiatou Water Works

Wuhan Dijiao Water Works

Wuhan Pinghumen Waterworks

Wuhan piano break water plant

Shipboard Water Works of Three Gorges Project

Nanchang Qingshan Lake Water Works

Xining Seventh Water Purification Plant

Tianjin seawater desalination plant

Beijing Nine Water Source Works

Urumqi reed lake beam water plant

Shenzhen Shekou Garbage Treatment Plant

Wu Kowloon Underground Pipe Corridor Project

Wuhan North Lake Sewage Treatment Plant

Wuhan jinyintan sewage treatment plant



Coal-fired Power Generation


Ningbo Beilun Power Plant

Shanghai Caojing Power Plant

Hubei Yangluo Power Plant

Hubei Hanchuan Power Plant


Kashi plant

Eastern yunnan power plant

Zaozhuang power plant

Taishan power plant

Zhenjiang power plant

Na huiyong, power plant

Huangdao power plant

Huayang power plant

Shandong Weiqiao Power Plant

Huaneng Xindian Power Plant

Baotou power plant

Zhoushan power plant

Xuanwei power plant

Fleabane island power plant

Guixi power plant

Changxing power plant

Ninghai power plant

Huayang power plant

Taicang power plant

New dry power plant

Jingmen power plant

Crow creek power plant

Jiangyin Xiagang Power Plant

Pan south power plant

Wang song power plant

Sand plant

Cylinder power plant

Wuhu power plant

Qingdao power plant

Xinxiang Yuxin Power Plant

Yangju power plant

Baoding Huayuan Power Plant

Fujian Kemen Power Plant

QianXi power plant

The core power plant

Changzhou plant

I plant

Datong power plant

Suzhou plant

Tongling power plant

DouHe power plant

Hebi power plant

Inspection Division power plant

Taizhou power plant

Wuxi Huaguang Power Plant

Wenzhou power plant

Nanjing No.2 Thermal Power Plant

Tianfunan power plant

Laiwu power plant

Sanmenxia Power Plant

Zhunger power plant

Qiqihar power plant

Tgo power plant

Yuanbaoshan power plant

Shenzhen Baochang Power Plant

Huayang Mengjin Power Plant

Hubu Power Station, Pakistan

Sihanoukville Power Plant in Cambodia

Indonesia Boya Power Plant

Java Power Plant, Indonesia

Muara Jawa2 power plant in Indonesia




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