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Hydropower Stations(Domestic)


Shiplock Control System for Three Gorges Project of Yangtze River

The secondary system of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station

Secondary system of Gezhouba Hydropower Plant

Xiaolangdi water conservancy project

Dongfeng Power Plant in Wujiang River Basin

Silin Power Plant in Wujiang River Basin

Wujiangdu power plant in the Wujiang River basin

Wujiang River Basin Hongjiadu Power Plant

Wujiang River Basin Goupitan Power Plant

Suofengying power plant in Wujiang River basin

Sichuan Baozhu Temple Hydropower Plant

Geheyan Hydropower Plant

Guangxi Letan Hydropower Plant

Gaobazhou Hydropower Plant

Shuibuya Hydropower Plant

Yunnan Dachaoshan Hydropower Plant

Fengman Hydropower Plant

Hunan Wuqiangxi Hydropower Plant

Liupanshui Hydropower Plant

Paradise Hydropower Plant

Panjiakou Hydropower Plant

Langya Shanshui Power Plant

Niujia Hydropower Plant

Xiao Tiandu Hydropower Plant

Ertan Hydropower Plant

Chongqing Jiangkou Hydropower Station

Guangxi Pingban Hydropower Plant

Tianshengqiao Hydropower Plant

Liujiaxia Hydropower Plant

Angu hydropower station

Shufugou Hydropower Station in Jinsha River Basin

Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station in Jinsha River Basin

Feixianguan Hydropower Station

The Gongguoqiao Hydropower Station in the Lancang River Basin

Nuozhadu Hydropower Station in Lancang River Basin

Longkou Hydropower Station on Lancang River Basin

Tingzikou Hydropower Station on Dadu River

Dagang landscape power station on Dadu River

Dadu River Pillow Dam Hydropower Station

Shaping Hydropower Station on Dadu River

Guoduo Hydropower Station in Xizang Province

Zangmu Hydropower Station in Tibet

Yangjiawan Hydropower Station

Dahuaqiao Hydropower Station

Huangdeng Hydropower Station

Baihetan Lock Control System




Hydropower Stations(Overseas)


Suapiti Hydropower Station in Guinea

Gerry Hydropower Station in Brazil

Guri Hydroelectric Station, Venezuela

Djibu Hydropower Station, Ethiopia

Sang River Power Station, Cambodia

Turgusong Hydropower Station in Kazakhstan

Nangong Hydropower Station in Laos

Nanli Hydropower Station in Laos

Nam Coh Hydropower Station, Laos

The Tamian Hydropower Station in Laos

South Ou River Hydropower Station in Laos

Karot Hydropower Station, Pakistan

Isimba Hydroelectric Power Station, Uganda

Hydropower Station off the coast of Vietnam

Karachi Hydropower Station, Pakistan

Hubu Hydropower Station in Indonesia

Shadaxi Hydropower Station, Iran

Dayan Hydropower Station in Iran

Iran's Cham Stream Hydropower Station

Catch Hydropower Station in Costa Rica

Songbang Hydropower Station in Vietnam

Upper Matti Hydropower Station, Nepal

Patuca Hydropower Station, Honduras



Hydropower Pumped Storage


Jilin Dunhua Pumped Storage

Jilin Fengman Pumped Storage

Xin 'an River pumped storage

Hebei Panjiakou Pumped Storage

Jiangxi Hongping Pumped Storage

Pumped storage in Xiangshuijian, Anhui Province

Liaoning Pushi River Pumped Storage

Black moose peak pumped storage in hunan province

Hubei Bailian River Pumped Storage

Anhui Jixi Pumped Storage

Langya Mountain Pumped Storage

Tianhuangping pumped storage

Heilongjiang Wasteland Pumped Storage

Hebei Fengning Pumped Storage

Pumped storage in Xianyou, Fujian

Shenzhen Pumped Storage

Zhejiang Xianju Pumped Storage

Yimeng pumped storage in Shandong province

Fujian Zhouning Pumped Storage

Jilin Dunhua Pumped Storage

Changlongshan pumped storage


Nuclear Power Stations


Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province

Shidaowan nuclear power plant in Shandong province

Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

Guangdong Lufeng Nuclear Power Plant

Ningde Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province

Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant

Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant

Xiapo Nuclear Power Station

Huizhou Nuclear Power Plant


New Energy


Shengu Wind Power Technology

Austrian WINDTEC

Wuhan National Measurement Nordisk

Xinjiang Goldwind Technology

Suzhou wei Ken    

Spain Insa


Anhui Tianyu Solar Energy

Hangzhou huaxin

American superconductor

Shantou many industry

Lingjiu Wind Power Plant in Xinjiang

Hunan hunan electric

Scenic complementary project of the Yellow River in Qinghai




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